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Our Story

We are living through an unprecedented crisis, and right now we aren’t even aware of all the possible ramifications of this crisis. What we do know is that day by day large sectors of our economy are grinding to a halt. It isn’t clear where or if ANY help is coming for the small businesses that are most deeply impacted by this crisis. For a small business, even a week’s closure could lead to layoffs, a month could mean bankruptcy.

When the dust settles and the virus is under control Amazon will be in as good, if not a better position. Great for them, bad for us here in the Rust Belt. If there is anything that we learned in 2008 it’s this–nobody is coming to save us. We’ve got to take care of each other.

The future of our community is in our excessively washed, dry, chapped hands. We can and will save our local small businesses by supporting them and one another. That’s why we created this portal. This is a hub for small businesses to communicate with their community about how to continue doing business with them during this difficult time. It’s a place where the community can find ways to support local business, and hopefully, it will help us sustain one another through difficult times.

Bear with us though. We’re offering this to all FREE of charge, and we’re building it as you use it. There will be hiccups along the way. Thank you in advance for helping one another through this tough time.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

E-Mansfield is a free online portal to connect small businesses and the community to make it easier to do business on or offline during difficult times. 

Our Vision

When the crisis passes we envision a stronger, more vibrant business and community culture in Mansfield where people value and support one another. 

Our Values

We believe it’s critical to put people first, to focus on the common good, and “voting with our wallets.” We will spend our money locally first and foremost for the good of our neighbors. 


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